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    Welcome To Shaman Source.

      We are an Eternal Solutions Manufacturing backed Storefront.

      Mushroom genetics that have the manufacturer labelled as Shaman Sourced are
      mushrooms that have been wildly collected then cloned and/or isolated by us.
      Genetics sourced otherwise will be labelled Shaman Source.

      If you have problems with your order you can contact us.
      Eternal Solutions will have warranties and/or reassurance on many of its products.

    Discreet Packaging

      All Shaman Source orders are shipped by Eternal Solutions Manufacturing.

We have been in the Horticultural Business since 2007.
Testing all kinds of methods to increase plant health, vigor, root health, production, and efficiency.
We'll provide our experience and resource to grow plants of top quality with efficiency.
You can use our Forums for Horticultural Guidance.

We have studied Mycology on and off since 2004... Mostly during 2004-2007, at a hobby level.
We will provide you with our information and resource to culture mushrooms.
We strive to innovate and bring progression in Mycology.
You can use our Forums as a Mycology Knowledgebase.

We will be offering a wide range of Manufacturing.
Eternal Solutions will provide Custom Professional Manufacturing.
Make-Shift Innovations offers a Hand-Made level of Manufacturing as a Shaman Source Brand.
Shaman Source will also manufacture its own items like mushroom cultures with "Shaman Source" as the manufacturing brand.

Reward Points are earned when you buy a Shaman Source, Eternal Solutions, or Make-Shift Innovations manufactured product. These points can be used as currency on your next Shaman Source order during checkout.

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